New Media and Games Pre-Orientation Program

The UChicago New Media and Games Pre-Orientation Program is a low-impact, 5-day program held just prior to O-Week, during the week of September 4-8, 2018. Fifty-five (55) students will be invited to participate in this program, which will include online interactions with University faculty, alumni, administrators, and fellow members of the Class of 2021.

What is it?

In this program, students will begin to understand the complexity of narrative, aesthetics, and reception in games. This experimental module will explore genres including videogames and transmedia puzzles. Throughout the week, a few hours a day, we will approach new media theory through the history, aesthetics, and design of games.

Participants will be invited to exclusive orientation week events during which they will communicate their narratives through a range of media. Along the way, we will compare games to the narrative strategies of novels, the performative role-playing of theater, the branching techniques of electronic literature, and the team dynamics of sports.

What will it be like?

Students in this program will not only be learning how to design a game They will contribute directly to the research and construction of the study of new media as a discipline, while actively building community prior to their physical presence on campus. This program will rely on individual preparation during the week, as well as an energetically collaborative mindset.

While we understand not everyone will share the same fascination with "puzzles," the ability to generate ideas through group work is highly valued. An approach that begins with "yes and..." is far more generative than "that won't work because." We work to discover and experiment, learning as much from what doesn't work as what does, all through an initial online exchange.

The UChicago New Media and Games Pre-Orientation Program is being offered at no-cost to students. Students will be responsible for any personal or incidental expenses. Students will need access to the internet for this program.

Application Timeline

Application available: May 1
Application deadline: June 16
Decisions announced: June 30
Student confirmations due: July 14
Dates of program: September 4-8

The application for this program has now closed.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the College Programming Office at or by phone at 773-702-8616.